Cloud Conscious is a Conscious Capitalism initiative created by firstblox in May 2020.
The initiative aims to provide cloud billing relief to Tech Companies in the long-term while redistributing much-needed funds to Covid-19 relief programs in the near-term

How does it work?

Cloud Services Providers (i.e. Consultants) offer 2 or more Tech Companies AWS Cost Optimisation engineering hours pro bono.
The Cloud Service Providers reduce the Tech Companies cloud bill, as much as possible in the allocated/agreed hours.

What's the deal?

The Tech Company then redistributes any savings gained for, at minimum, month 1 to a Covid-19 relief program of their choosing.

The Tech Company then posts on Twitter/LinkedIn the proof of donation using the hashtag #CloudConscious. Make sure to tag the Cloud Services Provider and the COVID-19 relief program.


Covid-19 relief programs are in urgent need of funding.

These are extremely uncertain times for all industries including technology Startups, SME’s, and even some larger companies.

This initiative aims to reduce cloud operational costs wherever possible. Whilst also providing relief to other industries and the public through relief programs.

These are extremely uncertain times for all industries including technology Startups, SME’s, and even some larger companies.

Cloud Services Providers may have an opportunity to work with new clients and to create some exposure for their businesses.


firstblox created the campaign and put its “hand up” first.

This initiative, however, can be undertaken by an experienced individual or company with the necessary skills and experience to work with Tech Companies to achieve a reduction in their cloud bill.

The more engagement there is, the more businesses reduce their operational costs and more funds are redistributed.

Where to donate?

This campaign is not prescriptive about where funds should be redistributed. This is a global problem with many individuals and industries affected.

You could think local or global, charity or industry that's purely up to the preference of the Tech Company.

The only thing we request is that any funds redistributed should not go to an affiliate of the Tech Company which may benefit the Tech Company in some way shape or form.

In cases where the Tech Companies' purpose is in actively providing relief at this time then any funds saved could be cycled back into the business to support the continuation of those efforts.

Are there any guidelines?

Not really but just make sure as Cloud Services Providers...

To be clear about what you can offer.

Not to overcommit what you can save.

To work within the parameters of your business.

To be conscious of your participant Tech Companies.

To save and redistribute as much as possible.

Not to be greedy with any follow up services you may offer.

How do I take part?

As a Cloud Services Provider or Freelancer, decide on the criteria for your offer to Tech Companies in terms of hours, the number of slots available for participant Tech Companies, etc.

Next, post info about your participation on Social Media and or your business website. This should describe the initiative to Tech Companies and offer them the chance to apply. Alternatively, invite Tech Companies of your choosing to take part.

Once an engagement is completed, ensure your participant Tech Companies post their donation receipt with the hashtag #CloudConscious on Twitter/LinkedIn.

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